About me:

I am S. Rathinagiri from India. These are my personal collection of 3D stereo fractals in anaglyph, parallel and cross view formats. I started rendering 3D fractals as a hobby during 2009. I had started to post these fractals with the title 'A Fractal A Day' in,2082.0.html.  Since then, it became a habit for me to render one 3D fractal a day. During 2015 this site is created by me to exclusively showcase my personal collection of these 3D fractals.

These 3D fractals are rendered with software products like MandelBulb3D, JWildFire, Apophysis etc., All of them are either freeware or open source. After rendering post processing is done with the help of StereoPhotoMaker.

Thank you for visiting my web site and you can contact me at


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